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Decentralized platforms are changing how companies raise money. Gone are the days of convincing a handful of investors to fund your project. Important projects are being funded by thousands of small investors across the globe, some of whom have been unfairly excluded from the regular financial system. This new way to raise money is most commonly referred to as an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). We can help you with the technical challenges of running an ICO. Because we build our smart contracts on Tezos, we avoid many errors and security issues associated with Ethereum (ERC20) ICOs.

Tezos Integration For Exchanges

Are you an exchange looking to list Tezos (XTZ)? We specialize in integrating Tezos with other systems, with specific focus on trading and exchanges. Our library called tzsuite offers advanced Tezos functionality -- automatic transaction batching, subscribable events and more.

Cutting Down Costs

Automate repetitive tasks in existing systems and use smart contracts when architecting new ones to dramatically reduce your costs. About 20% of employees in insurance work on resolving claims. This could be automated with smart contracts, which would make resolution faster and more reliable. Smart contracts generate a guaranteed paper trail that can be analyzed to improve efficiency. Audits also benefit from immutability of such data.

Mitigating Counterparty Risk

We use smart contracts to design and build systems where parties don't have to trust each other. Obligations are automatically enforced and smart contracts run exactly as programmed. Since smart contracts run on a decentralized network, they are more reliable than regular legal arrangements. They can't be shut down and will always be available, regardless of political instability, legal issues or other deals falling through.


We specialize in smart contract development on the Tezos platform. Tezos is a blockchain project with focus on correctness and security, so it is suitable for high-stakes scenarios.

Consulting and Analysis

We will gather information about your specific situation, interview the stakeholders and consider and propose different solutions.

Design and Development

We will develop a prototype solution tailored to your needs. Continuous adjustments will be made, taking into account stakeholder feedback.


We will conduct workshops for your engineers and produce high-quality documentation, so that you can start cultivating in-house expertise.


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